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Our Story

For the Love of Spoons

We are just two friends that love making unique and special items for the wonderful and loving rave community!

We started our journey in 2019 when we had the idea to make our group of friends some unique and completely personalized spoons! Everyone got a spoon that was custom made to their personalities and style. We worked hard to make sure that everyone was included and loved what they got! This worked so well, we wanted to spread and share our creativity and love with everyone! 

Since our spoons are individually handcrafted, each one is unique and special! 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled all festivals and gatherings, the world is sorely lacking in human connection and sharing love. Although we hope to be able to see everyone soon and share our spoons with you in person, we want to make sure that people can still have the gift of personalized jewelry to warm their hearts!

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